Hunting includes a number of types: hunting beast, fish, birds… therefore, there are a lot of equivalent methods for each type. Today we will introduce to you 5 easiest types of trap but effective. For each type, you will get to know about how to design the trap and what to note to perfect your hunting plan.

  1. Noose trap for trapping climbing animals

There are many small animals like squirrels, kangaroos, koalas, porcupines, monkeys, reptiles… that belong to climbing animals. There are a large number of those animals and their meat is also very good. This climbing type rarely climbs down to touch the ground in order not to be trapped so we have to design noose trap in high position right on the tree to trap them.

We use the creeper hard enough to self – configure the noose but also soft enough to be able to self – tighten. Naturally, there are such many creepers such as rattan rope, flax, vine… or any kind of forest wire, metal wire as long as they have similar properties that you can find out.

Use a smooth trunk that was cut off all the leaves to cross the big tree where many animals live. This type of trunk is really favoured to climbing animals such as squirrels, kangaroos as it makes the climbing trees much simpler. So we are able to catch them on the trunk with a series of nooses. When they go through the trunk with a noose, they will be trapped. If they try to struggle, they will slip and be dangled.

One thing that is quite interesting is that though squirrels find their fellow to be hung, they cannot recognize the trap and continue coming into it without paying attention to. Therefore, we can arrange a lot of noose to be able to catch more animals on the same trunk.

  1. Bird – trap

In areas such as swamps, ponds you should arrange simple bird traps Ojibwa to trap types of bird that come there to look for food. They usually like to pass on the wood or horizontal trunk to rest and we can make use of this to design a trap specified as follows.

  • One wooden stick is connected to a loose wire piercing through one key then is tied to one plastic stick to create a counter force.
  • The bird when passing on the stick will make the peg vibrate and it cannot hold the stick. The plastic stick immediately pulls the wooden stick through the peg and also pulls the wire arranged below to catch the feet of the bird. If the counter force is too strong, it can break the bird’s feet.

Another way we can use is using a moderate trunk trimmed half then bending it down and fixing it with a peg, tying a wire to the peg with one side tightened to be a noose and put on the tree bark. We can leverage the noose by clinging one near trunk and tie the other end of the noose; note that consider enough power to not pull the peg. When the bird stands on the bark, the peg will be loosen as the bark is no longer fixed. It will pull the noose and tighten the bird’s feet.

  1. Grid – trap

If you can create a grid then you ought to design the grid in the position to catch the bird like this:

  • The bottom of the grid should be placed a little low so that when falling down, the bird flaps wildly and easier to be entangled.

How to make this type of trap is not too difficult. You can combine different types and use baits or camouflage with leaves to increase efficiency of trapping.

  1. Overriding trap

This is a quite effective trap for small and medium animals. These animals are intelligent and healthy so though they are overridden, they are able to escape. So your task is to make the force as strong as possible. You can use a large heavy rock, let one bottom touch the ground and the other one be kept high in the air; use a hard stick to be a shelf for the rock. However, you have to disguise this stick so that the animals cannot recognize that is a trap. When the animal run into or just touch, lean on the stick and make it out of the firm position then the rock collapses to override the animal. It will be trapped and you succeed.

  1. Pig spear shaft

This is a very dangerous trap so when you decide to use it, take care. With a counter force powerful enough, the spear can skewer through any small animals such as pigs, foxes passing by and pin them into the opposite tree. Usually, the prey will die straight away. Note that the spear must be very sharp, pointy to be able to kill the animal but when bring it, you have to be careful to avoid the case that it will touch any part of your body, it’ll cause you wound.

The 5 types of trap above may help you to hunt a lot of animal types. Before you go hunting, it does not take much time but is very important to determine what type of prey you are going to catch and make a specific plan of trapping to get highest efficiency and avoid counter results. This article also explains why we can hunt simply without any guns as displayed on the site

Essential tips for a bike racing beginner


1 – Take part in a bike racing educational course or training

The best place where you can find training course like that is in bike racing clubs or organization. It also may be local group ride or bike riding club. Participating in this kind of clubs or organization creates you opportunities to meet more experienced racers who will teach you a lot of lesson of riding and racing. This is considered the fastest way for you to learn the most practical knowledge on the racing road.

However, at first, you may feel like you are left behind the senior. Do not care about that, anyone has their beginning. Just get through that tough feeling and get the best lessons.

2 – Pick the most proper bike

The best bike is not the most expensive or modern bike but the bike that fits you most. It will not only allow you good regularly training and best performance at the race but also help you limit the possibility of injury as much as possible. What factor you have to consider when choosing you bike? There are 3 factors:

  • Terrain: what is the most popular terrain you will race? Answer this question before making up your mind.
  • Physical features: your physical feature is the second point you have to pay attention. The height of your bike, its weight and so on must be suitable for your body. Just the most fitted bike can help you show your best.
  • Your budget: this is the last consideration. You should choose a bike meet two above demands but also be appropriate for your budget.

3 – Choose a proper outfit

Each outdoor and indoor sport has designed outfits for reason. They are designed to not only make the most convenience for the sport player but also help them take advantage of natural factors outside to enhance the result. In bike racing, racer often wear tight outfit made from a special materials that have high elasticity and ability to absorb sweat and a pair of shoes made only for bike racer. Remember to choose the right size for you.

4 – Keep healthy

Do not worry too much about your first race. Keep inner body balance and provide your body with sufficient nutrients. There are key factors for health preparation before a bike racing. Beside, do gymnastics regularly and especially focus on improving leg muscles because it is the main strength in riding bike. Even though, you must keep a regular pace of practicing and health maintaining. An enough time to sleep is at least 8 hours per night. Water is very important in maintaining energy so that drink enough water. Avoid drinking stimulating drink and food like soda, coffee and so on. You had better eat natural food in tandem with meat and beef.

5 – Go out for practicing

Practice and practice! To win a competition is not based on only luck or a magic, winning is created by sweat and effort. So keep practicing regularly o enhance your performance day by day. I’m not sure you can get a satisfactory result at the first time but it will be improved step by step.




That mountain bike racing is just for young people is a very popular belief but actually, people at any age can become a mountain bike racer as long as they really have passion for this kind of sport.

However, before making up your mind of becoming a bike rider, you should read our tips to be a successful mountain bike racer.

A game for everyone

Different from other sport, there is no sex, age, regional or any other discrimination in bike racing. This sport only focuses on making fun for all participants and making a great bike racing.

Because participants are at many different age, genders and jobs, to make a fair competition, organizer classifies participants into distinctive levels and categories, for example, level of beginners, of male, female, kid or the elder and level of professional racers and unprofessional ones. Before registering any competition, you should research carefully on all categories they have to choose the most suitable one for you. The key factors you need to consider in choosing what categories you belong to are age, ability, health and experience. Avoid both overestimating and underestimating yourself.

And it is certain that you should try some new challenges but still have to remember your personal doctor’s approval. Mountain bike racing is a quite tough sport because you can fall down and get hurt easily.

Tips to take care of your “baby” bike

Any bike rider or bike racer has a close and special bike for themselves. There is no need of an expensive bike. The best bike is the most reliable and sturdy one. This bike will have a special connection with the racer because this will be a close friend to racer and along with racer experience every moment on the racing road.

Suspension and dual hydraulic disc brakes are really appealing to bike racer because it make your bike more fashionable and more lightweight, which will make many advantages for bike racer.

In addition, it is obvious that the bike have to be suitable for each road, weather and terrain. If you choose a bike with non-matching features with the road and terrain, you can not have a good result on racing road. For example, if you race on mountainous terrain, you can use the bike specialize in flat road.

Extra tire tubes, toolkit and a puncture repair kit are essential issues for any racer to ensure that you can repair any fault of your bike as soon as possible on the racing road so that your time will be maximize even you have some pauses on the road.

Racing rules

In term of mountain bike racing, the rules are adopted basing on each type of the race. People are most acquainted with three types of bike racing: cross-country (XC), hill-climb (HC) and down-hill (DH). Each type has unique features and dangers that is different from the other, so the rule in each type also is really distinctive. Now, let’s a look at each type

–          Type 1: Cross-country: cross-country is the type of bike racing that is most familiar to everyone. As you know, racer who takes part in this a cross-country race has to ride along a circular track including many varied types of terrain. In this race, racers are classified basing on group of age or ability level. They compete individually until getting the finish line. It takes them a long time to complete the racing tour.

–          Type 2: Hill- climb: this type is more difficult than the former one. It is because racers not only have to “fight” against other racers but also the mountainous and hill terrain. The winner is the one who use the best strategies and great endurance to get to the top of the hill first. However, the first concern is how to keep racer safe on the racing road.

–          Type 3: Down-hill: on down-hill racing road, the racer who down to the foothill first will win the Trophy. In this type of race, it is hard to control racers’ speed. If bike racer does not have much experience, he/she will easily fall and have accident. Sometimes, assemble accident is easy to happen. Therefore, every racer needs to be really careful on this racing road.

Never be too self-confident of the ability and experience you have in mountain bike racing. They are never enough no matter how many bike racing educational course and training you took part in before. You should note down something below in your mind.

Essential things to do:

–          Non-stop practicing. Even though the much of your experience is never enough, you must practice frequently to become a skilled bike racer. It will be helpful for you in problem-solving skill in the race if you have any problem to tackle with.

–          Mountain bike racing requires a lot of muscles. Therefore, just practice riding is not sufficient; you must do physical activities like gymnastics along with riding. In particular, focus much on leg muscles improving exercises because strength of leg is the most important factor in riding.

–          Keep in mind that there are a lot of dangers and challenges waiting for you on bike racing. Any accident can happen if you ignore just a second. Sometime, it can be death because of a broken neck.

–          Join bike racing training course to ensure that you have basic knowledge of what you have to prepare for the race and what you need to do on the road.

–          Supply of water with electrolytes is what you have to bring adequately for a race.

–          Check out your bike carefully before starting your race. Make sure every maintenance appointments are up-to-date and there is no defect in your bike and its accessories.

–          Do not try to prevent other riders from passing you that may cause dangerous accidents. Choose a convenient part of road to do it. The best one is the flat part close to the finish line.


Bike racing maintaining tips


Bike racing is not an easy sport for everyone who wants to be a professional racer. It requires a lot of key factors related to physical, mental and even spiritual elements. There are many risks and challenges waiting for racer on the racing road and practicing period as well. Mental and physical conditions are not enough for a racer; passion and patience are included in successful dictionary of a racer. Now, we look carefully into each factor contributes to a racer’s career.

  1. Be Patient – 

Any bike racer can develop the greatest skill. However, it takes much time; it also means that it take racer’s patience. In many other sport like tennis, running, basketball…young athletes sometime at the age of 13 or 14 are able to win the champion thank to talented endowment but in bike racing, we do not have this special. Almost all the most successful bike racer got their champion at the age of from 20 and some even older. Patience is very important, if they give up earlier, they can take the chance to win the championship and they totally waste their effort and time in a long time practicing.

  1. Set a clear goal

In any major, to succeed, people always have to set a goal to pursue. Bike racing is not an exception. Establishment a goal is essential for racer to reach a higher level in their career because when you have a goal you will draw a plan to follow and reach it. Apart from big achievement you want to get, do not part small trophy on the road to go to the biggest payback. However, do not set an unreal goal that with your ability and condition it is completely impossible. This is just a time-consuming plan that with time you spend for it you can do many other practical objects.

  1. Keep Training –

Without training, nothing you set can become true. Therefore, patiently practice. Actually, riding everyday is not to improve your racing skill because the terrain you cycling everyday is different from what you will race on but it help develop racer’s physical strength. The main part of body getting advantage is leg. Muscles of leg will be stronger and endurable after long time riding. In conclusion, training contributes to racer’s physical development following period of time.

  1. Collect experience – 

There are two common ways to collect experience. First is by self- practicing. In each type of bike racing, terrain is varied to change level of difficulty. You can try every terrain many times and note down what feature you need to keep in mind of each. Also remember strategy to deal with each challenge on the road to solve it quickest if you meet it again in a real bike racing.

The second way is much easier. This is asking for experience of more experienced bike racer. By joining clubs or organizations of bike racer, young racer can meet a lot of experienced one. Do not be afraid of asking them for teaching you racing knowledge. Beside, you can read book about bike racing. There is a lot of information sources for young racer to learn experienced.

Comparing two methods to collect experience, the first way cost much time but somehow more effective because racer learn it from practicality.

  1. Attitude – 

A real racer is the one who always want to have fair competition. The attitude of the racer is what makes them different from other with the same experience and ability. Attitude is shown in the way racer racing and the way they behave to other racers. Sometimes, the winner is not who reach the finish line first but who have the best attitude during racing.

Do you meet these requirements? The requirements are not difficult for anyone have strong and real passion for bike racing. If you are hesitating after reading this article, I am sure that you are not desire enough to become a bike racer.

Instruction for safe use of the ski lift


Knowledge of how to use the chair lift appropriately and safely is compulsory and fundamental to teach the skiing beginner. The first instruction should be how the beginner can get on the lift for the first time. Then the order continues step by step to instruction on chair lift procedures, off the lift and the ability to demonstrate proper chair lift procedure repeatedly. Every step must be under strict observation of skiing coach.

There are 6 elements included in teaching of proper chair lift to the beginner skier:

  • Choose right time and correct method to get on the lift safely
  • Possibility to pull down safety bar
  • The ability to lift the safety bar
  • Pick up appropriate time and way to get off the lift safely.
  • Understanding to clear the area of the lift
  • Repeated these skill demonstration ability

A noticeable instruction for the beginner is that the right time to get on the lift is when they fully ready. There is no need to attempt to get on the lift by any way while you are full of nervous and unwilling. Instructor need to tell the beginner where the right place to stand on the lift is and when to start taking action to get into this position safely. Another, the direction should consist of the instruction of how quickly the moving into the position must be and what posture skiing racer has to build on the lift. Correct posture of a water skiing racer is standing with skis parallel and pointing up hill and the body in a modified athletic stance looking over the outside shoulder for the coming chair, and when reaching back with the outside hand to control the chair, sitting in the chair. Always make sure about the distance of racer and snow. Sometime, the instruction is simply “butt down, tips up!”

The beginner need to be taught way of reaching back using the outside arm to grasp the safety bar to pull it into correct position. Then, teach him/her to keep in mind not clicking skis together while standing on the chair lift to avoid a ski fall off the boot and not bouncing the chair.

The next instruction given should refers to time to prepare to unload and correct posture to exit the chair without fear of falling or loosing control.

We have already given you the most fundamental knowledge for a skiing beginner. To have more information, read more on our website.

What you need to start join a water ski racing

  1. What is water skiing?
  • Water skiing is surface sport water in which skier stands on one or two skis and is pulled by a boat or a cable ski installation to skimming the surface of water. This sport requires players a lot of physical strength and safe-keeping equipment. To have successful ski racing, it takes racers along time to practice to be skillful and good at problem-solving on the water.
  • It is a certainty that racer will have to face and reckon with a great deal of danger. If you are not in favor of taking risk and challenges, do not try this game even once. The risk might come from marine animal and unexpected accident during skiing. No one can guarantee you will not be attacked by a shark or weather will encourage you in the competition. It is reported that ankle strains and sprains are most common injuries in water skiing racing. In the second place are injuries related to laceration of the head and neck area. Concussions and shoulder sprains and strains are other popular kinds of injuries racer often suffers. And there are many other unnamed kinds of injuries in water skiing racing that racer will meet.
  • Compulsory requirement:
  • Swimming: fall into water is popular to racer so if you can not swim, just stand on the side to watch.
  • Safe-keeping equipment: helmet, goggles, wetsuit, neck brace and so on. There are a wide range of equipment you have to prepare but it is all for your safety.
  1. Water skiing safe-keeping equipment

Unless water skiing racer has right safety equipment like helmet, giggles, neck brace, arms restraints, etc, he/she can suffer a lot of hurt when a big fall occur. It is because water skiing is a fast moving activity.

Although safety equipment can prevent injuries completely, it limits their extreme as much as possible. There are correct safety equipment for a water ski racer or even unprofessional water skier.

  • Helmet: a skier should wear a fitting helmet while skiing. An adequate helmet is which covers your ears and have hard strap with a clip. It is believed by many people that helmet can obstruct your speed and make you head moving less flexible. Actually, helmet of skier has special design to avoid these concerns. Beside, it refrains racer from the impact of water pressure on racer’s head or collision with any other object in water. In addition, the clip of the helmet play role to protect racer’ neck against breaking.
  • Goggles: to make racer feel comfortable while enjoying the fast speed, goggles are designed. Quality of goggles is assessed by its specialization in H2O or not. H2O goggles are made from water resistant materials as to make it last longer.
  • Wetsuit:wetsuit is a kind of outfit made from waterproof materials so that water skier do not have to worry about water weight added to their body. Beside, there are some other requirements of a wetsuit. It has at least 3 least 3 torso straps, knee straps and knee braces. Like other equipment, wetsuit also has protective function to water skiing racer, especially after a high fall, they are easy to get unconsciousness.
  • Neck Brace:it is suggested that a neck brace should be fitted to the suit as to enable support of the head and neck in the event of a fall. This decrease possibility of neck injuries.
  • Arm restraints:dead arm is considered the most serious injury of a water skiing racer. If extreme of injury is too high, the racer must give up water skiing career. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prevent dead arm. Racer can buy arm restraints alone or along with a neck brace and wet suit because they are often sold together in a group.
  • Ski Bindings:to make ski binding snug enough, they should be correctly fitted but do not make it too tight.

The safe-keeping equipment I gave information of above are necessary for any water skiing racer. Remember to prepare them carefully before racing. We hope that the basic knowledge we gave is helpful for you.